Singing Lessons For Students Of Varying Ages

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Subject: Singing » Classical Singing
Last updated: 06/06/2018
Tags: pedagogy, singing, teaching, technique

Singing lessons involve teaching technique in different ways for students of varying ages. Singing is a physical art form and uses the entire body to work in nuanced ways to achieve the best sound. As our body grows and develops over time, this means that singing technique needs to be tailored to teach individual student, taking into account their age, physical development, and mental development. 

There are plenty of things that a teacher can teach a very young singing student. Along with musical basics such as matching pitch, reading music, and building an understanding of musical styles, even the very youngest students can be taught to form a foundation of technique which will serve them well as they grow. This includes helping young students to release excess tension, use their energy constructively in a very basic form of support, and to have general control over their voice. As the student grows, it becomes appropriate to teach a more detailed understanding of breath support/ breath management, along with exploring many other technical areas. 

Teachers can and should guide students of any age towards choosing appropriate repertoire, understanding that repertoire musically and textually, singing in a healthy way at whatever stage they are in, and developing a love for their craft. This means that above all, teachers should be supportive and understanding whilst expecting a high level of commitment from their students. When students feel supported, they can thrive in an environment where they are not afraid to make mistakes, and this is where they grow.

Sarah Labiner Classical Singing Teacher (Harrow)

About The Author

Each singer is a unique artist. I believe in tailoring lessons for each individual student in order to create a strong technical foundation, to fuel their passion for singing, and to help them become the best singer they can be.

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