Play Violin For Your Friends

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Subject: Violin » Classical Violin
Last updated: 27/03/2017
Tags: anxiety, performance

When I was a child, at the beginning of my violinist 'career', my mom would always ask me to play for the guests we had. At the beginning, when I was about 7-8, I was really enjoying showing off my talent.

However, after a few years, I was dreading it, even hiding sometimes so that my mum wouldn't ask me to play for the guests. It was like my mum was parading me like a trophy, and it was for her showing off. Of course, that was my feeling and what I was thinking.

When I grew older I actually started looking for more opportunities to perform, and to get over those performance nerves.

I realised then, that the dread that I was feeling when my mum was asking me to play for friends, was because I was nervous, so that's why I blamed my mum for the feelings I had.

I then talked to my mother and asked her to organise a mini concert at home for some friends, I was the most nervous I had ever been. I didn't play very well, because I was so nervous, but I learned that playing for the people that I knew best was the hardest thing to do.

So I started doing that every once in a while, and I became more used to my performance anxiety, learning how to deal with it, also because of getting feedback from my friends and family, which was the best feedback I had ever gotten.

So, I guess, what I am trying to say, is go and play for your friends, learn to enjoy it, or if you already do, do it even more! And if you are a mum or a dad, never stop asking your child to play for the friends, and tell them why it is good for them!

Good luck!

Joanna Forna Classical Violin Teacher (North London)

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FIRST LESSSON FREE! My name is Ioana and I have been living in London for 7 years. I came to London to study music.
Another reason for coming to London was the amazing diverse culture and people from all around the world, I knew I would fit in!

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