The Importance Of Personal Musical Interpretation

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Subject: Violin » Classical Violin
Last updated: 16/03/2017
Tags: classical violin, musical individuality, personality development

Some violin tutors fall into the habit of tutoring their students mainly in the theoretical aspect of learning violin. However, what is sometimes overlooked and under-valued is for the student to learn the importance of combining their own individual interpretation with the theory.

When listening to music we can recognise performances of famous musicians after a few notes because of their unique sound or phrasing and interpretation. Along with technical abilities and emotion, artistic individuality is a key element to communicate in music performance. When we perform at any level (from amateur to professional), the ultimate goal is to express our emotions and love for the music to the audience. This can be achieved with training and practice focused on the development of musical personality, along with technical skills.

The student needs to be taught the importance of their own understanding and interpretation of the music they wish to play. This aspect is what helps the students develop their own musical appreciation, their uniqueness as a musician, confidence in their ideas and self-esteem as individuals. These elements are vital for the development of the individual’s personality.

Music offers this opportunity and has many emotional benefits. It relieves anxiety, tension and depression. We can listen to music while we are doing other things. It helps ease the strain of a difficult day, improves concentration, calms us down or boosts our motivation in other goals or activities.

Playing a musical instrument can amplify those benefits at any age. Learning to play takes time and effort, which really teaches us patience and perseverance. It sharpens concentration, enhances coordination, teaches discipline and fosters self-expression. The more advanced the student is on an instrument, the greater he will be able to play the music he wants, the way he wants.

When students come across challenges as musicians, they need to think about the end result and always remind themselves of all the great reasons they love to play.

I'll finish with an inspiring quote by jazz saxophonist and composer Charlie Parker who once said, “Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don’t live it, it won’t come out of your horn”.

Vincenzo Castronovo Classical Violin Teacher (South West London)

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Professional violinist with 10 years experience in teaching students of all ages and all levels both in private and schools. I teach with a professional and friendly approach looking to develop the skills and the love for music of my students.

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