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Those of us who have sometimes wished to play a musical instrument must all have a reason for doing so. In my own case, it is purely because of loving music so much, and I presume therefore, of wanting to explore it more.

Why then, do I love music so much? It seems to me because, in it we find all of life - the horror, the terror, the passion, the peace, the calm, the love, the unrest, the drama, the consolation, the wild abandon - it is all there and more. A great composer is able, through music, to communicate these aspects of life to us in a direct way, from his own consciousness directly to ours, without the use of words or concepts. In this way we come to realise that we are not alone in our feelings and emotions, and that so much that has never been communicated to us before can in fact be communicated through music.

If I can actually take part in performance, however, by learning to master an instrument, then I am able to be part of that communicative process, and if I love the music, it becomes a great privilege to be part of its realisation.

Music, of course, can only be relayed to us in time, but whilst listening, or even more so, whilst playing, the mind is brought into the present moment in an enjoyable way. When the music takes over, all fears worries and anxieties fade away, and we are left firmly in 'the Now'.

It has to be said though that the early stages of learning music are not often on such a level...after the twentieth rendition of 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star', we might notice that passion and wild abandon are not experienced, and tedium and frustration creep in. This is when the vision for the future has to be kept strong, and self-discipline needs to be brought to the fore, realising through all the many hours of practice that many good qualities are being learned, not least expressivity, sensitivity, self-awareness, and refinement.

If it is thought that it might take ten years before a good standard can be achieved, it is useful to remember that those ten years will pass whether we practice or not. If we do, how pleased we will be when that time comes!

I had never thought that I would be of sufficient standard to play in a symphony orchestra, but over the last year I have had the privilege of taking part in performances of great works by Wagner, Bruckner, Mahler and Shostakovitch, amongst others, and have experienced a very special satisfaction in doing so.

A quote to conclude: "Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul." - Plato

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