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Last updated: 24/04/2018
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What is this recent hype about learning to code? "Everyone should learn to code in this new technologically driven world", says Silicon Valley. The new compulsory computing syllabus at UK schools has reflected this trend and computing is now taught from KS2. In addition, this (previously considered) impossibly complex and difficult skill is now claimed to be possible to learn in a day, or even in an hour!

It's not hard to see why computing is now a fundamental subject, like Maths and Science, as computers are in everything. A general understanding of how computers or the internet work seems to come naturally to most young people, who have been named 'digital natives'. However, as Mitch Resnick (one of the creators of the Scratch coding language) points out, this only means young people are fluent in using technology.

Possessing the ability to not only understand how new technology works but to be able to create and express your own ideas using technology is something that is valuable in every field. "Computer Science is a liberal art" says Steve Jobs.

But coding is not only useful for the tech industry, but is valuable for medicine, engineering, energy, entertainment and last but not least, Art. This is where I was thrown into programming. I wanted to express my artistic ideas in ways that required I had to make my own programs, from being able to read data from movement sensors or generate images on a screen, I had to learn as I went. Unfortunately, this took longer than an hour, but was certainly not impossibly complex or difficult to achieve what I set out to. Now 11 years later, I have written code in at least 6 different languages for a variety of different technologies.

Learning to code is often perceived to have a steep and frustrating learning curve, but this is not always the case. There are a plethora of resources online that can help you get started: including codacademy.com or have a look at the Scratch app. Regardless of which coding language you learn in, the fundamental concepts are the same, so the fact that technology moves so fast through different languages or frameworks shouldn't be intimidating.

Learning to code is undoubtedly an essential skill for many, and although may take a bit of time, is absolutely possible for anyone to learn.


Nicola Plant Computer Programming (general) Tutor (East London)

About The Author

I am an enthusiastic computing tutor with over 10 years of coding experiences and over 6 years of teaching experience.

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