"Can You Just Sit Down And Do That Again...?"

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Last updated: 05/02/2017
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“Can you just sit down and do that again...?

It was the first of my auditions for drama school and it was a biggie: one of the most famous drama schools in the world. I was nervous, but I felt ready. I'd worked really hard on my monologues and I knew exactly what I was going to do.

This was the first round and there were two auditioners on the panel, sitting at one end of the large rehearsal room. I stood at what I thought was a reasonable distance.

“Could you move a little farther back, please” 

They seemed so far away. But I was ready. For my classical, I'd chosen 'Was ever woman in this humour woo'd?' from Richard III. I'd worked hard on the physicality and blocking – I knew exactly how I was going to move and where. And boy, did I go for it. Running around the room like a lunatic. Richard is absolutely delighted with himself in this scene - he can't believe he's just managed to seduce a woman whose husband and father-in-law he murdered.

Classical finished, I did my modern. And then something strange happened. 

“We aren't really supposed to do this, but could you do your Shakespeare again, but sit down this time. Don't act. It's not for us, we're not here. Just sit down, take a moment, and say the lines.”

So I did.

“That's fine, thank you. Now, do you know why we asked you to do that?”


“Good. We really aren't supposed to do that, so don't tell anyone outside, ok? Thank you.”

I got a recall, and went on to the reserve list for this school. But what happened?

They didn't need to see me bouncing around the room, putting on a hump and limping about excitedly. They needed to see my eyes; to see if I was connected, really connected, with what I was saying. The physicality, the blocking: all that can be taught. What the auditoners really need to know is can you make a connection between the words and your heart; can you make us believe that the words affect you. They couldn't see that when I was bouncing off the walls, but they could when I simply sat down and said the words, without “acting", dropping them like pebbles into a pool and allowing the ripples to go where they will.

Mark Rylance said it best: “you are enough”. Show them you. Your connection with the words. That's what makes you unique.

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