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Last updated: 29/04/2018
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As an actor and director/teacher, I've been lucky enough to see both sides of the story when it comes to Drama School auditions.

The moment that most stood out for me, that I always try and tell prospective or active auditionees, happened during a post audition meeting (where all the auditioners and directors of the day sit and discuss who will receive what offers or rejections).

There was this one particular actress on the day who, in my opinion, was fantastic - and many of the others on the panel agreed. However, the head of the course, who'd been in the industry for quite some time and seen the practices of different drama schools, refused to accept her onto his course. This sparked a big debate in the room over the injustice of her not being put through. The talk diminished when the head of the course exclaimed that "she IS fantastic, and very talented, and RADA [another Drama School] will snatch her up this year and she'll go there. She's not meant for us".

As a auditionee, you get told that it "might not be your year" or that you're "not ready"; but the thing we never really hear is that you're just not suited. These panellists know the different trainings of each school and can tell, sooner than you can, where you'd fit best in the plethora of schools around.

It's not just a case of worrying and thinking that we're not good enough or we're poor at our jobs/passions. Sometimes it's simply just that your destiny lies in the hands of another place, but you just don't know it yet.

DanJ Drama (general) Teacher (South West London)

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I have always had a passion for teaching and began tutoring at a youth theatre when I was 16. It was then I also found a love for the arts and began training as an actor and physical performer.

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