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Last updated: 27/02/2018
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Drama school auditions can (But shouldn't!) be some of the most stressful experiences of your life. I have been there and done that and am now sitting on the other side of the table, watching as a new generation of young people come through the door and often blow my socks off with their determination and talent.

As a member of a BA Acting panel, I thought I'd note down some tips and pointers that you may find useful as you go through what can be a rather intimidating experience.


- Be open to the work. If you are in a workshop audition, try to be as receptive as you can to the exercises being thrown at you.  Go with it - they are not designed to throw you or trick you.

- Read the play your monologue is from. I cannot tell you how important this is. If you find your monologue from a book of monologues, go and buy the play. It is so important that you know the whole context of your piece, not just its immediate circumstances. It will show if you haven't done your homework!

- Know why you want to be an Actor / Actress. To save you fumbling for the answer in the moment, it can be useful to have a think about it before you get into the room, so that you are not thrown. I also get students to research their favourite Actors and Actresses and advise that you choose professionals outside of Hollywood, as a panel will want to see that you are invested in the industry in deeper ways, not just on a surface level.

- Have fun. Panels want you to be good. They want to see someone they can work with, so they are not there to judge you or make you feel inferior.

- Audition the school. It is SO important that you feel comfortable in the school you get an offer from. If you didn't get a good vibe in the first place, it's a lot of money to invest in something you didn't massively enjoy at the audition stage. Many Actors say they knew what school was for them the moment they arrived for their first audition. I always say that it is just as much about you audition the school as it is the school auditioning you.


- Do a monologue in a different language. It has happened...! It's always best to make sure that a panel can actually understand the words you are saying.

- Worry about being 'perfect'. A panel is not looking for 'Perfect'. They are looking for 'Potential'! It would be boring if you were perfect before going to drama school and there would be nothing left to teach you if you were! If you forget a line of your monologue on the day... so what?! Ask to start again. A panel won't mind.

- Take a 'no' as a 'no forever'. Nobody but you can decide whether or not you have what it takes to be an Actor. Some of the best Actors I know took years to get into drama school, but their determination paid off in the end. It is important to recognise that drama school is not the only way into the industry... if you audition and decide that it's not the route for you, get out there and make your own work! Nobody can tell you that your work isn't valid!

So there you have it...These are just scratching the surface of what we look for when we sit on an audition panel. Hopefully it has given you some insight and confidence for when you next step into that audition room! We really want you to do well. Remember that!

Good luck and see you on the professional stage some day!

Amy Blair Acting Coaches (Bromley)

About The Author

I'm a professional Actress and Tutor with five years' experience and a panellist for drama school auditions at a prestigious drama school. I'm experienced in working with students of all ages and am passionate about helping you achieve your goals.

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