A Drum Journey

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Subject: Drum Kit
Last updated: 02/07/2018
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After drumming for 11 years at an amateur and professional level I decided to learn it all over again. Certain practice techniques took over my day to day regime.

The first, using basic drum rudiments to build colourful concepts around the drum kit. From this I discovered a world of possibilties, which gives total freedom to rudimentary practice sessions. Reversing sticking combinations and leading with your non dominant hand adds a well received challenge when sitting behind the drum kit. I feel these techniques lead to the most creative practice sessions I have.

The second, playing to a metronome. I've found this to be one of the most valuable if not the most valuable techniques to have in your drum arsenal. Being a drummer your main aim is to keep time. If you can do this you're on the right path. This style of practice will help you greatly in exam situations and at high pressure events. I feel having this solid foundation is the key to being a competent and confident drummer.

The third, filming the progress. Certain situations/events happen on a day to day basis and can totally effect the way you play behind the drum kit. This can have both positive and negative effects on how you feel about your overall performance, whether you are in the practice room or in a live setting. Watching recorded footage back can often give you an effective and useful insight into how you actually performed in any situation. On occasion, I have found my recorded footage has actually given me positive reinforcement when I wasn't happy with my overall performance. This is proof that situations aren't always as they seem. This technique has been extremely beneficial to me, for my posture, my general confidence and overall learning of my craft.

Tom Pattinson Drum Kit Teacher (Huddersfield)

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