A Short Essay About Pratice..

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Subject: Drum Kit
Last updated: 28/11/2016
Tags: drum practice, drum teaching, how to practice drumming
Music is an aesthetic form of knowledge but without skills it can't be performed - which defeats the purpose.  
We must keep up the right balance between knowledge and physical skills. 
It is the urge to create something beautiful which triggers the desire to practice.
The purpose is the beginning as much as it is the end. In between lies practice and training.
At the root of everything there is a
purpose, a dream..
A man without skills would be a man without a dream.
This looks like the definition of a dead man.
So each man and woman alive should have at least one dream.
May be this is also why butterflies fly.. Trees grow and blossom...

May be a new life can be lived by rekindling one's initial goal. And then going for it.
What is your initial, native dream?
Me, I bang my drum kit..
And it is superb!
So let's paint, sculpt, write, dance, sing.... and above all let's our very own life itself be a work of art.
In between the idea and the realisation of the dream lie practice and training.
This should not be just food for thought.
For now... Let's Drum!

(Inspired by L Ron Hubbard's life)

Dominique Pizzinat Drum Kit Teacher (South East London)

About The Author

I have been teaching drums for 30-ish years.
It is a challenging but also a fun, wonderful... fantastic instrument.
I teach beginners, amateurs, pros... I prepare up to Grades 8 (Trinity College and Rock School)
Age range: 5 to 75
Let's Drum!

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