If there's one book for dyslexia. . .

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Subject: Dyslexia
Last updated: 13/06/2014
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If there's one book I'd recommend it's The Dyslexic Advantage by Dr Brock L. Eide and Dr Fernette F. Eide.

So much has been written in books and online about the 'disadvantages' of having dyslexia (poor spelling, difficulty in reading, short term memory issues etc) that I started searching for positive messages about having dyslexia. After all, the children I tutor are bright, fun, lively, sparky, full of ideas, usually creative, practical individuals who love making things and finding out about the world around them.

But their teachers have often focussed on what they can't do. And that seemed so sad. So when I found this book - which highlights many of the advantages of being dyslexic - I was overjoyed! This is from the blurb on the back:

"Although dyslexics often struggle to decode the written word, this book shows why they can have hidden aptitudes that allow them to excel as architects, novelists, business pioneers, surgeons and inventors."

Hilary Burt Dyslexia Tutor (Brighton)

About The Author

My lessons are known for their relaxed nature bringing out the best in my students using humour as well as hard work to achieve each child's educational goals.

I am a dyslexia specialist with an interest in stop motion animation and music.

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