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Subject: Dyslexia
Last updated: 18/07/2011
Tags: approach to learning, dyslexia, learning difficulty, reading

I believe that good teaching is the same for pupils of any ability and at any level - there is nothing to beat one-to-one multisensory teaching tailored to each pupil and taking account of their own particular strengths and weaknesses. A good rapport between pupil and teacher is essential, as is the attainment of goals so that success builds on success and feeds motivation.

Many pupils have difficulties acquiring a good standard of literacy and many may have difficulties which are never formally diagnosed. Specialist teaching applies to any pupil who is not reaching their full potential and is the same whether a pupil is dyspraxic, autistic, dyslexic or has any other special need. However, I have a special interest in dyslexia, and for the parents of those pupils with suspected or diagnosed dyslexic tendencies, I recommend Milne's excellent book: Teaching the Brain to Read, which suggests that dyslexia is not simply a learning difficulty, but quite literally the result of a different type of brain which demands a different type of teaching and offers a different way of seeing the world.

Another book which I feel can empower the parents of children with specific learning difficulties is Toe by Toe, a reading manual by Keda and Harry Cowling which anyone, with commitment, can use. I used this as a parent very successfully before I trained as a specialist teacher.

These two books together represent to me what each pupil needs: celebration of each person's unique talents but also ways to tackle difficulties through specific teaching that ensures success, promotes self-esteem and creates motivation. 

Joanne Barry Dyslexia Tutor (Guildford)

About The Author

Pupils learn best through lessons tailored to their interests and needs and this is essential to promote self-esteem and motivation. I spend at least two to three hours, often four or more, preparing material for each and every lesson.

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