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Subject: Dyslexia
Last updated: 11/09/2011
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If your child is falling behind at school or not progressing at the rate you expected it may be because they are dyslexic.  Dyslexia is a learning disorder on a spectrum: it can affect children mildly, so adults may be unaware of it, or it can affect them more severely, making learning to read and write difficult without specialist help.  Dyslexic children may become "switched off" in the classroom and lose self esteem if their difficulties are not dealt with sympathetically. 

In a classroom situation, a teacher may not be fully aware of a child's reading and spelling difficulties.  Writing problems, such as untidiness or not copying correctly, particularly with a bright child, may be put down to carelessness or lack of effort.  Dyslexic children will often forget most of the instruction that is given to the whole class in a lesson.  Typically, dyslexic pulis need to go over things many times before they retain new information.

Children who are falling behind because of dyslexia need individual tuition, at the correct level, following a multisensory, structured programme.  It is essential that they are secure in their understanding at each stage, before moving on.  They can then learn to read and write with the other children, and enjoy it - although they may always read and write at a slower rate than their peers.

A good level of literacy is essential for success in any subject at secondary school and the foundations have to be laid as early as possible in a child's primary years.

Diane Kirk Dyslexia Tutor (York)

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