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Subject: Elocution/ Accent Reduction
Last updated: 10/01/2018
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Elocution and good speech have attracted a wave of press and increase in commercial elocution courses and schools with glossy brochures and high fees but no guarantee of quality (unlike Helen Hendrickson who is qualified and featured by BBC in this radio 5 interview (click to hear Helen ) 

For a very good view of why see the article below in the National Press re surge in elocution lessons


I am forming a group of people - tutors and clients - with an interest in spoken communication, accent, voice and elocution improvement / enhancement. If at all interested in this movement/project, all I ask is that you initially please send me an email


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  • English tutor for KS1 online Primary level, phonics and pronunciation
  • French teacher Wed 3.10- 4.10 Kingston, 6-8 year olds 6 June-4 July DBS check required
  • EFL tutor Birmingham Teaching An Adult Lesson
  • English Language tutor London City Business English Advanced
  • IELTS Tutor Online Advanced level for Acad IELTS Prepration
  • British Sign Language tutor Eltham, London SE9 Signature Level 1
  • Norwegian tutor Wrexham Beginner
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