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Subject: Elocution/ Accent Reduction
Last updated: 10/01/2018
Tags: british english pronunciation, effective research, elocution, speech, speech therapist
Elocution and Accent removal is rarely practiced by people like myself a qualified Speech and Language Therapist Spoken Communication training in my recent trawl of the Internet . Is being taught by actors mainly also business coaches and Speech and Drama teachers. Many Profesionals come to me because I AM qualified and use only techniques derived from empirical research drawn from studies of change in children with speech therapy needs I break down my analysis of someone’s speech using the International Phonetic Alphabet ( IPA) and Received Pronunciation ( Wikipedia has good definitions of both ) and I do a DETAILED phonetic transcription of language samples in conversational speech , in reading , and as many types of language as possible I then identify TRENDS in terms of groups of similarly pronounced sounds error patterns and mispronunciation using phonological analysis and knowledge of mispronunciation trends in different accent groups I start with consonants using anatomical and physiological drill and multi modal feedback - Lisstening and uditory discrimination to aid error recognition , work at sound and syllable level and use of segmentation of words into syllables and breaking down words into chunks using sound blending , rhyming and rhythm work introducing then markers for intonation and emphasis to complete the accent picture .Intensive work is done at this level to ensure ANY future words including new and multi syllable words can be pronounced or errors self discriminated My aim is to bestow knowledge and self empower students I have no product to sell only old fashioned training and time served NHS experience as Head of Paediatric Speech Therapy and holder of an M.Phil ( ed ) in Distance Learning I have a you tube channel with a multitude of free materials on and provide students with many links and a course book should students wish to use me as a mentor for guided study

Helen Hendrickson Elocution Elocution/ Accent Reduction Tutor (Coventry)

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