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Subject: Engineering
Last updated: 24/12/2017
Tags: engineering, exam preparation

Here are a few tips to being a successful engineering student:

- Work hard (nobody said engineering was easy)

- Work effectively (an hour of productive work is better than 8 hours spent unproductively)

- Be thorough (carelessness almost always leads to disappointment)

- Know your strengths and weaknesses (whenever possible, use your strengths to work on your weaknesses)

- Do not delay any work unnecessarily

- Be aware that you are directly or indirectly competing with pretty much everyone in the world (whether you like it or not)

Dr. Wasim Akber Engineering Tutor (Harrow)

About The Author

I've made students who were failing their degree studies become university toppers (references provided upon request). Results for 2016/7: 100% A*-B grades achieved. I also offer help with assignments / projects at undergraduate/postgraduate levels.

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