Emotional Intelligence When Learning English

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Subject: English » English as a Foreign Language (EFL)
Last updated: 11/01/2018
Tags: a passionate and proactive teacher, confidence in speaking

My experience as an English tutor teaching many wonderful second language learners has taught me two main things.

Students need to know the tutor is on their side and that they can make mistakes and that the tutor is human and not some unapproachable person that they cannot relate to.

A big part of learning and teaching is to be able to understand the emotional intelligence of the student.  To really understand what makes an individual 'tick' enables the teacher to work with the fears a student might have about learning a language, at whatever stage they are at.

We are all so focused on attaining qualifications but to couple this with good communication skills is the key to a well-rounded student learner and therefore a well-rounded person in many other areas of work and social life.

Anneli Walley English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teacher (Coventry)

About The Author

As a tutor of English my methods are to keep it simple and learn step by step. I find that understanding my students' particular learning styles and tailor-making courses where applicable, helps my students get the best possible learning experience.

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