Language Is Communication

Learning English
To communicate effectively - in any way - we use a recognised code. In language, we can use words, gestures, and expressions. Every language is filled with them - yours and mine. The way we use these codes is how we work towards understanding each other.

Naturally, there has to be some sort of common method so that you understand me and I understand you. English can be solid and regular in its format, but also crazy and fun –particularly in its use of irregular verbs and lots of common phrases. International students of English as a Foreign Language often find this delightful!

My philosophy is – learning a language is both serious study, but also "serious fun". If it is not, it becomes a hard task and a burden.

Vocal Performance
The wonderful language of song is also a joy. Learning the texts of poets and lyricists  - and discovering their meaning, their position and relationship to society and history helps to enrich portrayal of songs and scenes. Imagine the intimate setting of a Jacques Brel song. He was a poet, and poetry can be difficult to set to a song. Yet the yearning and hope in the language of "Ne me Quitte Pas", for instance, speaks to everyone as surely as a Goethe or Nietzsche poem in German Lieder.

Public Speaking and Presentation:
I was taught a simple motto:  Stand up, Speak up, Shut up!


Public Speaking is an art. Those of us who were shy in childhood have learned various methods and tips to feel relaxed in presentation and to communicate effectively to audiences of any size, large or small. We learn to know our subject, use language concisely and communicate using good vocabulary, using the best traits of our personality.

Hazel Abbott GCSE English Tutor (Brighton)

About The Author

Language is communication - people people are language ! The basics of any communication starts with the person - YOU ! Tell me what you want to achieve.

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