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Last updated: 24/05/2017
Tags: exam preparation, ielts, improving learning speed and effectiveness

So, you have to get a 6.5 in the IELTS exam?  A 7.5! An 8.0!

You want to make sure your registration fee for the CAE exam is not a waste of money?

The Proficiency exam is your next challenge?

Everyone deciding to invest money in private tuition will have their own personal objective, but how can you achieve yours?

Here are a few basic tips:

Be realistic, especially about your own work ethic. No amount of classes with a tutor, private or otherwise, will help you achieve your objective unless you are prepared to put in some hours of individual study as well.

Read. And read. And then read some more. Reading is an excellent activity for you to do whenever you have a spare moment - while having breakfast, when waiting for the train, before the film you want to watch finishes downloading. Reading can help to improve your chances in an examination in many ways - it increases your vocabulary; it gives you new knowledge and information; it can help you with ideas for topics which may come up in the speaking or writing  sections of your exam.

Open your mind to different things - don't just hope to win the topic lottery on exam day. The exams cover a very wide range of topics and you may be asked to speak about something you know very little about, and care about even less. That's bad luck, but if you want to reach your goal, you need to play the game during the exam. And playing the game means being prepared to answer questions about anything and everything.

Watch a variety of TV programmes, listen to talk radio (The Today Programme on Radio 4 is particularly useful, as it covers a range of topics, so you should find something of interest), download podcasts, buy newspapers/magazines (and read them!), enjoy a short story, a play, or a book for children. Cook using recipes written in English

Take every opportunity you can to expose yourself to English as it is being used out in the community, away from your computer screen and classic textbooks. If you are in an English speaking country, go to a pilates class, join a running group, become a volunteer. Perhaps there is a local choir you can sing in? Or a photography club you can join?

Grab your chances to hear new accents, practise your communication skills and make new friends. 

Karon Rickatson Elocution/ Accent Reduction Tutor (York)

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I enjoy working with people of all ages and from all walks of life. My experience is wide-ranging, so please feel free to consult with me whatever your level or needs.

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