6 Tips for Learning a Foreign Language

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  1. Learn a new word each day

    - It may not sound much, but that’s 7 new words a week or 30 or so per month, which soon adds up..

  2. Use memory aids such as flashcards

    - There are a number of memory aids to help with memorising  new words, expressions and grammar, such as: flashcards, recording words and phrases on your phone or tablet and replaying whenever you can, using a notebook,  post-it notes stuck around your house! Use whatever works best for you.

  3. Use mobile apps

    - There are plenty of apps available for all mobile devices which can help and they can also be fun, such as: Memrise and Mindsnacks. Many of these are also free.

  4. Practise speaking with a friend

    - If you have a friend or family member who is also learning or speaks the language you are learning, try communicating together in the language regularly

  5. Go on the web

    - There are numerous free resources to assist language learning on the internet which you can use to assist you in your studies including: Livemocha and Busuu.

  6. Watch films or TV programmes

    - Watching movies and programmes in the language you are learning (with or without subtitles) will help you master the language quicker and get used to hearing it spoken at a normal speed. You might be aware that most Dutch people speak excellent English, which is largely due to the fact that from a young age most of the films and TV programmes they watch are in English.

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