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Last updated: 08/12/2017
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Have you ever wished that you could speak French more fluently when you go on holiday? Do you want to be able to ask for directions, understand the menu in a restaurant more fully and order a wider variety of food? Do you want to be able to say exactly what colour clothes you want to buy and to able to count high enough to understand the sort of amounts of money you will come across on a day to day basis?

You can of course, learn all these things by being part of a French beginners class or by learning on a one to one basis. By practising what you will speak when you go on holiday on a weekly basis, as well as listening to the class material between classes, you will become familiar with the language. By practising it extensively you will begin to find out what everyday expressions are like and how to use them. After a while you begin to think in French, which is when you begin to stop translating in your head from French to English and start understanding words an expressions in French for what they are in the situations you learn about in class.

French does present a challenge as a number of words are not pronounced as they are written but in time you will get used to this and begin to find out how words are pronounced by practising them. By using textbooks with lively illustrations and cue cards when practising role play exercises, you will discover how to overcome your pronunciation difficulties and gain the confidence to communicate clearly and easily. Find a French class or tutor who teaches one to one near you and begin as soon as possible. You won't regret it as you will enjoy your holiday much more. All those things such as eating and drinking, shopping and finding your way around a place will become much more of a pleasure and you will feel as though you've made a lot stronger connection with the people.



Paul Grace Spanish (general) Tutor (Manchester)

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Hi, my name is Paul Grace and I have successfully prepared students from GCSE to adults who want to speak French and Spanish for holiday purposes. I have had a great success rate which is why clients continue to use my services.

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