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Subject: Chemistry » GCSE Chemistry
Last updated: 07/05/2015
Tags: independent learning, maximising potential

Throughout my teaching career of 43 very successful years at the chalk-face, I have always looked for ways to improve the learning of my pupils.

Check out my latest 'Prezi' - The Way Forward - here:

I equate giving a pupil some facts to giving someone a bowl of rice which will feed him/her for one meal.  I equate educating a pupil in 'how to learn' to showing someone how to grow rice so they will be fed for life.

When I attended school as a pupil, teachers had to give us information as we had no text books and no internet; in fact, we had only just got electricity.  Today, information is readily available to pupils so it is a waste of the teacher's valuable time giving information in the classroom when the pupils can access this information outside the classroom. I provide my pupils with a 'twiducate' page from which they can view up/read up the NEXT lesson. They then have their questions ready and so my time in the classroom is spent doing what I should be doing: answering their questions and explaining what they did not understand.  My pupils learn more in the lesson too (like watching a film having read the book first).   Another advantage of this 'method' is that pupils can post questions on the twiducate page 24/7 so I can 'get back to them' 24/7.  Learning is a 24/7 experience, not just something that happens in the hour-lesson each week.  Feedback on this ‘method’, from students, parents and colleagues world-wide is very positive and encouraging, as are my results.

You may have heard the expression 'look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves'.  An equally true expression is 'look after the learning (ie. get it right) and the exam results will take care of themselves'.

I give my students their yearly work together with resources so they can plan and view/read ahead.

Ideally each class would have its own twiducate page in each subject.  To enable you to savour the ‘twiducate experience’ I have provided login details below so you can access my GCSE chemistry twiducate page.

Twiducate is the perfect complement for the ‘flipped classroom’.  Check out the link below to my ‘Personal Evidence for the Flipped Classroom’.



How to use twiducate in classrooms:
flipped classroom:

The details to access my Yr 12 page are below.
On the drop down menu choose 'student' 
Class Code is jab12c
Password is 54321
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Jim Baker A-level Chemistry Tutor (Lincoln)

About The Author

Hi, my name is Jim Baker. I have been teaching chemistry very successfully for over 48 years. The comments in my guestbooks at : and speak for themselves.

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