Neelands Knows His Stuff! (book recommendation)

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Subject: Drama » GCSE Drama
Last updated: 18/08/2016
Tags: 11+ creativity, book review, gcse drama, theatre studies

Structuring Drama Work by Professor Jonathan Neelands (April 26, 1990 (1994 revised) Cambridge University Press) is a valuable resource for all ages of Drama students and teachers alike. Packed full of dramatic conventions and how they work, we can find out how they can be put into action in endless creative ways. 100 varied conventions such as Role on the Wall and Thought-Tracking are the essence of the book and provide dynamic moveable structures for drama work to use in numerous settings – not only in schools but also with youth theatre, theatre in the community groups. There is something for everyone to draw on.

Especially useful for KS3 Drama students, Neelands uses straightforward terms and simple language to show how to use drama techniques, particularly in devising work, and also to provide context, meaning and depth to ideas. Equally, teachers, theatre workers/practitioners can draw on it for inspiration for lesson planning. The format and content provides a versatile framework from which to create dynamic and workable lessons using ideas and concepts which are tried and tested, yet always fresh - as is the nature of theatre and performance.

One reviewer, Rachel, on Amazon, sums it up: ‘I call this the bible of process drama. I recommend it to everyone. I love it. I reread it all of the time and find new inspiration on ways to use the dramatic forms.’ Neelands certainly knows his stuff!

A very useful study guide for GCSE Drama and A Level Theatre Studies students, Neelands writes in an interesting and engaging way. Extensive knowledge of his subject is clearly demonstrated, as is his passion for drama and theatre, in all its forms. Neelands is a great advocate for Drama in Education and this book with its simple format and clear explanations demonstrates his commitment as an ambassador for drama and creativity in education.

5/5 Star Rating.

Kate Roberts GCSE Drama Tutor (Chester)

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