Busting The "I'm Rubbish at English" Myth

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Subject: English » GCSE English
Last updated: 24/10/2017
Tags: build your confidence, english, gcse, positive mindset

There's a familiar sound in classrooms across the UK. It's a sound and a sentence I hear every year, usually in September as a crew of fresh faced students cross the threshold of my classroom, ready to study another year of English.

"Miss, I'm rubbish at English!"

English and Maths. These core subject delights have a strange habit of terrifying children and haunting them through their school years. What causes this fear is difficult to know. It could be a negative experience in primary school. It might be a particular area of literacy or numeracy that you couldn't quite grasp that defined your feelings about the subject (mine was fractions!). It's possibly because these are subjects that you can't run away from. But no matter how you feel you're told time and time again that you must pass English and Maths.

So how do you change your negative feelings? How do you break old habits and face your demons? The important thing to remember is that you can do it and it's not impossible. You are not terrible at any subject, but there are some that you simply need to work a little harder at. To do that you need to think carefully about what your barriers to success might be and challenge them.

A good starting point is to change your mindset and get positive. There will be areas of English that you can do and that you are good at. Start with those. It might be that you like writing stories and have brilliant ideas. Make a plan and share your ideas with your tutor or teacher. Enjoy the feeling of being creative.

If it's writing it down that phases you then that's your study focus starting point. You can practise by writing sentences and building these to paragraphs. You can challenge yourself to learn the punctuation rules again and try to include a wider range in your writing. You can even play around with synonyms or develop how you use adjectives for powerful effect. These little exercises will be your building blocks to that final point of success.

None of us are perfect. We all find things difficult. But it's important to remember that you can help yourself to make progress and it's completely possible to improve. With the right guidance, a positive mindset and a clear plan of action you can master your subject and enjoy reaching your potential with confidence.

Jude V GCSE English Tutor (Bath)

About The Author

I'm a very experienced, friendly and supportive qualified English teacher. I have excellent subject knowledge and understanding of the new English exams. I will motivate you to achieve your best results and make fantastic progress.

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