CGP AQA Anthology The Study Guide Poems

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Last updated: 30/12/2016
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The CGP AQA Anthology The Study Guide: Poems are books aimed at Higher Level GCSE English Literature students studying the poems for the AQA exam.

I recommend them strongly. These books have all the poems that may come up in the exam. Each poem is broken down into sections; so what happens, the types of language used and the feelings, attitudes and themes explored. The poems are also annotated with extensive, detailed notes and there is a poem dictionary which explains any poetical terms and / or archaic language. It's great to use when doing practice essays and even has some sample essays at the back; these tell you how to plan / compose an essay and how to get the best marks.

Finally they're very reasonably priced (usually about £6).

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Hello. My name is Darren Elway and I am a 44 year old English proofreader and tutor with 17 years' teaching experience and 6 years' proofreading experience.

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