The GCSE English Reading Exam In A Nutshell

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Last updated: 17/04/2018
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Many students and parents have an impression that GCSE English exam is outrageously hard even for able candidates. The reality is the opposite, and I can assure all of you that this is a very interesting exam and learners enjoy preparing and sitting it, once they fully understand and comprehend this paper.

First of all there is a very clear division between both papers; one is fiction reading and writing, whereas the other is non-fiction reading and writing. In my view marks in English exam can only be lost if the candidate wants to. This may sound like a wishful view, but the reasoning is that if the candidates read the texts slowly, pedantically and with an attempt to access the writer's mind, to explore their purpose and intent, this paper becomes the easiest to achieve highest marks in.

Furthermore, as we zoom in on the main skills assessed across both papers - language and structure analysis, evaluation, comparison of the writers' perspectives - all the skills are writer focused. Learners who read to explore the writer's intentions behind their words (their linguistic and structural techniques), can answer these questions with competence, comfort and clarity. The only question which is not writer-focused is summary writing. This is a topic focused question. So, in a nutshell the candidates need to maintain their focus on the writer and theme of the text and the understanding of both can lift their grades to as high as they want.

Another good tip for writing your responses to the skills to evaluate, analyse and compare is to follow the PETEEL paragraph structure - point, evidence, technique, explanation, effect on the reader and link with the question. Using this structure helps you develop more detailed and perceptive paragraphs - requirements of the marks schemes in all questions in all exam boards.

Herry KJ GCSE English Tutor (Ilford)

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With 25 years of classroom teaching,exam marking and tutoring experience, I offer my skills, experience and expertise to the students to achieve the highest grades in GCSE English Exams.

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