Why Is It Important To Study English?

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Last updated: 19/06/2017
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Since becoming a teacher seven years ago the biggest obstacle I have found I have had to overcome with most students is context. Not simply the context of a particular novel or poem but the context in which they live.

I find that children born in the last 15 or so years have grown up in such a fast paced word (instant messaging, on demand entertainment) that it is difficult for them to grasp that the world was not always like this or that there are many places where it still is not. Female students in my year 8 class for example were shocked, when studying Romeo and Juliet, that not only would it have been perfectly acceptable for Lord Capulet to arrange his daughter's marriage in the play's time but that there are still places where this would be perfectly acceptable today. This led to in depth discussions, very impressive for 13 year olds, about ideas of gender equality and individual liberty.

I feel this serves as a perfect example of why literature is so important, particularly for children. It can open their minds to the great and dark things about the society they live in - the context in which they as an individual live - and how to think critically about which ideas they believe should be championed and challenged.

James Powers GCSE English Tutor (Sunderland)

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As a qualified teacher and lecturer of eight years I have had the privilege of supporting hundreds of learners in achieving their goals. I have a passion for learning, teaching and supporting people in becoming more independent.

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