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Subject: French » GCSE French
Last updated: 28/12/2017
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To prepare students for the GCSE French examination the approach to learning the language is based on the study of the topics that are exploited for their linguistic and cultural content. As part of the learning process, students will be presented with the key vocabulary and grammar to ensure success at this level. The overall aim is to enable to students to achieve confidence, fluency and competence in using the language. The GCSE course offers a sequence of topics and activities that are appropriate to the learning and the maturation of students as they develop over the two years of study.

The French language skills are developed by exercises that use source texts in a systematic and integrated way. There is a balanced coverage of the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The receptive skills of listening and reading are developed using up to date texts on modern France and Francophone countries. The productive skills of speaking and writing are honed by tasks that aim to ensure a high degree of communicative competence. Over the two years, leading to the exams, students need to build a secure base of relevant vocabulary and idiom.

To this end, vocabulary can be presented in several ways through:
- tasks that enable students to practise using the required lexis actively in speech and in writing.
- regular explanations of vocabulary related concepts
- review of vocabulary related to the topic area.

At this level the grammar system of French has to be acquired progressively so that students can tackle linguistic challenges within the exams with confidence. Grammar is practised through frequent exercises to consolidate specific grammar points.

Examples of Francophone culture are present throughout the topics and many passages for listening and reading offer insights into the social and cultural life of French speaking countries.

The GCSE French course offers excellent preparation for students who intend to continue their studies in French.

Dr Michele Baret Early Years Education Tutor (South West London)

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13+/GCSE/A Level/IB French teacher/tutor based in Kensington with over 45 years teaching experience.

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