So . . . . how do YOU go about tutoring online ?

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Last updated: 22/03/2018
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Modern communication technology enables the student to have a personal tuition learning experience which is just as effective as having face - to - face tuition, 

and for some students online tuition is less stressful and more effective than face to face tuition.  

You might like to try a free preliminary Skype meeting online. It’s free, so you have nothing to pay, nothing to lose. It just takes 30 minutes of your time.

With my current online students and parents  (GCSE Maths; GCSE Physics and A - Level Physics ) 

I build a working relationship and a learning experience which is just as effective as face - to - face tuition.

We use Skype (or Zoom) for conversation. It's just like talking to parents and student around the same kitchen table! I can still share my qualifications, my certificates, my enhanced DBS certificate  and discuss the student's educational needs, just as I do face - to - face. 


I use my document camera to "see" the pages of notes which I - and the student - write together in the course of the lesson. 

At the end of the lesson I scan the pages and send them to the student. 

That way the student gets the complete set of our personalised lesson notes, to keep on their computer or to print out.


I do it this way because the quality of my handwriting on paper is excellent and much better than writing on online whiteboards.

However, an interactive online whiteboard is good to use from time to time; and  can be useful for working together on questions and past papers.

it depends on what the student prefers.


The student does not have to download anything to his / her computer (just Skype or Zoom for free), and have a reliable internet connection and a printer / scanner is helpful.

I use a graphics tablet and stylus to write on the whiteboard, and the student can write on it too.

Online tuition is an excellent option when travelling distance is a problem. 


The benefits to the student and teacher of online tuition are:

• convenience of not having to travel on cold and dark evenings. Great if you can't find a local tutor or if you are overseas.

* you can find an excellent tutor online.

* you're not limited to a tutor who lives within a 5 or 10 mile radius.

* the student can be more relaxed and doesn't have to be so nervous about working with a stranger.

* 2 students together can benefit from online tuition.

• no travel costs. 

• no disruption to home life. 

• working in familiar home environment,  or anywhere you can get  wi-fi. 

• more time slots available. 

• excellent  for either one-off help, short - term or longer term help with homeworks, topics or exam paper practice. 

• no long - term contract, unless you want it that way.

• tuition when you need it. 

* have tuition in your hotel room, or on the beach, on holiday.

• tutor support between lessons.

All in all, it's worth a try.

Good Luck with your decision.


Michael M. A-level Physics Tutor (Twickenham)

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Dear parent / student:
My name is Michael. I am a fully qualified teacher, experienced, professional friendly tutor of Maths and Physics.
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