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Subject: Maths » GCSE Maths
Last updated: 07/12/2013
Tags: alternative approaches, everyday maths skills

Maths can be particularly daunting to many people - but I'm probably preaching to the converted here! Why is it daunting, we ask? Probably because many people simply do not see the relevance of what is in the conventional maths curriculum - everyday skills such as adding, subtracting are seen as valid ... but who is realistically likely to utilise Pythagorus' Theorem or trigonometry on a daily basis? Not me, that's for sure. So why does the government (and its predecessors) maintain to promote this apparently misguided approach. Current opinion suggests that the GCSE provides a 'one size fits all' qualification whose skills can be transferred to study in any direction.

So where does 'Vocational Numeracy' come in? In 2005 I was asked to construct a teaching programme suitable for learners who were undertaking study as part of their employment requirements, but whose work did not provide opportunity to address certain aspects of the required curriculum. Hence there was a need for a facility for students to be able to 'dip in' to the programme as/when it was needed. I tried to make it as user-friendly as possible, with alternative approaches, lots of commentary, worked examples and useful tips and then consolidation exercises - and it was deemed a success by the body who requested the work. 

Chris Williams A-level Chemistry Tutor (Oldham)

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I am enthusiasticand fully committed to education. Teaching experiences from KS2 to post-19 education has provided a sound opportunity to enhance education and subsequent life. My students are always actively engaged in learning - join me.

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