10 Reasons To Learn A Musical Instrument?

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Last updated: 24/09/2017
Tags: flute, music, self-confidence, self-expression, universal language

1. Learn a new universally understood language
Wherever you go in the world, if you meet a musician you will have a common language. You don't need words to communicated when you can make music together. It's a privilege to learn a new language whilst also learning a new skill. 

2. Improves memory
A big part of learning a musical instrument is remembering all the new key terms, finger positions, note names, the rules, the tune, etc. Going through this process and becoming fluent at all these things improves your memory hugely. This is also an incredibly important thing for us as we get older - the better our memory, the better and healthier our mind!

3. Improves confidence
It is a scary thing to stand up in front of people and completely expose yourself by performing. It takes courage and self-belief, which results in self-confidence. If you can stand up in front of an audience and perform, imagine what else you can do!

4. Allows you to express yourself in a new way
Music has this incredible power to allow you to say what you mean without using words. It allows you to use a new medium to let out your emotions - be it anger, love, happiness, excitement or fear. 

5. Relieves stress
In the same way that music allows us to express ourselves, it can also act as a distraction for stress or a new output for it. When you're nervous about an exam at school, or about a meeting or some other stressful event, even just listening to music can calm us. Being able to make this music ourselves can relieve stress even more. 

6. Discipline
To be a musician you have to want to learn, and you have to train yourself to be disciplined - practise every day, without letting yourself skip days is vital. Once this is achieved, this discipline transfers into other aspects of our lives. 

7. Focus
Professional musicians rehearse all day long for several hours running - this takes an incredible amount of focus that is learned right form the start of their training on a musical instrument. Focus is vital for us to succeed in all aspects of our lives and learning an instrument is a great way to learn it. 

8. Skill for life
Learning an instrument is like riding a bike - a skill for life!

9. Social
Orchestras, wind bands, music groups, summer courses. Music is an incredibly social experience, an opportunity to learn new skills, a new language, focus, discipline - but also to be social and meet people! Music brings people together. 

10. Enjoyable and fun!
This is the most important reason why you should learn a musical instrument - it's enjoyable and fun! 

Yuval Shalson Flute Teacher (Harrow)

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I am an expressive and passionate performer and an enthusiastic and invested teacher. I aim to teach in an adaptable and accessible way, inspiring students to love learning in the way that is right for them!

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