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Last updated: 22/02/2018
Tags: alziemers, autism, benefit, education, music

For as long as we have inhabited the earth, music has existed. It is present in all races and cultures.

Historically, musicians have been recognised as entertainers, hence the word 'muse' meaning amusement, where music derives its name from. In Tudor times musicians took the same level footing as actors. However, there is more to this art than meets the eye. We have taken for granted that there is always music and musicians around, even when there are buskers in the street! Supposing music did not exist - what then? The world would be a lot worse off if we did not have it.

Music has other attributes that are of great benefit to everyone. Even animals like and respond to music. Music can heal and help to restore emotional balance. Slow ambient music lowers the heart beat and can have a calm soothing effect, whilst fast groovy kind of music can have a more uplifting and energising effect. That is why people go to the gym and more often than not music is played alongside the exercise class to help invigorate or calm the person down, depending on the exercise given.

Within hospitals and care homes, music can form an integral part of healing and recovery. It has become apparent that people who suffer from some types of brain disease or injury who actively engage in musical activities can greatly benefit from them. For instance in patients who have Alziemer's, memory loss can be a great problem. When they participate in, for example, a choir singing catchy melodies, this improves their mood and also memory function. If they try to learn an instrument of their choice, this too can improve memory function, having to sing back melodies or play back melodies.

Music is widely taught in schools and this greatly helps with a child's education, especially children who have special needs. An autistic child will suddenly find that they have a voice, a way of expressing themselves through music. Although Maths and English are taught as compulsory subjects, music can help with reasoning and language. This of course can benefit the child enormously whilst they are still in the process of learning!

I believe that the world is a better place with music and the arts. I cannot imagine what it would be like if we did not have music.

Alexandra Cowal Classical Piano Teacher (Dumfries)

About The Author

I teach piano mainly children .I did my main training at Napier musicschool and then Lancaster.

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