Why Use A Private Tutor To Help Science Learning?

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Last updated: 22/11/2017
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Science is a wonderful group of subjects to study, at any level. Real scientific study challenges the mind, opens up new paths of thought and ultimately inspires many to go on and better the state of mankind through scientific discovery and research.

So, what is the draw-back to studying such a diverse and grand subject? There is simply a lot of specialist information that a student needs to consume. Science is unique as a subject for study. It has certain, absolute parts to it: physics calculations on forces, for example. It also, however, has abstract ideas and 'models' that are never known to be correct, just the best way we have of explaining phenomena at a given time. The model of an atom is a prime example of this - how can an electron be a wave and a particle at the same time? If this model is known to have limitations, why do we still use it?

Such questions as these are pivotal for a student to ask for true understanding to occur, but in our educational system there is simply not enough time nor energy for students to ponder such thoughts. A true subject specialist can help breathe fresh thought and insight into a student's understanding. They can help explain why they are learning a given topic and show how it weaves into the fabric of everyday life. This can give a student vital context to their studying.

Science is such a content intensive course that as soon as one topic is covered it is time to move on to the next. Thus, leaving behind freshly laid thoughts and ideas to begin to rust and blunt before exam time, sometimes months later.

The role of a good private science tutor is to find these areas of rusting knowledge and help clean them up for a student. Help identify where understanding may be lacking and how far we need to delve to bring it back.

Confidence also plays a huge role in all academic study. Sometimes, just knowing that there is somebody there to ask a question to, can help ease stress and give a student confidence, that even if they don't currently understand a concept, they will.

Any student who says they find science boring needs more inspiration. Any student who says they find science too difficult, needs a little extra confidence boost. Time spent with a subject specialist can help them on their way to a better understanding of a beautiful, if a little complex, world of study.

Matt L A-level Chemistry Tutor (Torquay)

About The Author

I am a Chemistry graduate with a 1st class degree. I have experience of working with students in both secondary school environments and in a private tutor capacity. I currently tutor face to face in the South Devon area and online.

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