A Beautiful Journey Of Learning Foreign Languages

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Last updated: 02/09/2017
Tags: adults, children, foreign, languages, self-confidence

When learning a language, the role of the tutor / teacher is important, but ultimately it still requires the student to be interested in spending time consolidating what they have learnt. As a tutor / teacher, it starts off with diligent preparation to build-up suitable materials to meet the student's knowledge base and needs. It is then accompanied by careful observation of the student to identify whether there is a genuine will for learning. It is extremely important, particularly where the will for learning is lacking, that a friendly and positive atmosphere is established by the tutor / teacher as early as possible to provide a conducive learning environment.

In learning foreign languages, another tricky obstacle can be grammar. Some of the students will not have a deep working knowledge of grammatical structures, particularly in their own native language, so the tutor / teacher will need to adjust and adopt an approach from the outset that introduces what could be an alien concept. This should be done by combining communicative, task-based syllabuses with the grammar component, in a neatly weighed form and each of these components should complement the other.

Ultimately, teaching / tutoring has many rewarding sides to it. I believe it should not only be limited to strictly passing on linguistic knowledge, but should also be a great opportunity for the tutor / teach to help their students develop self-confidence and to provide and enrich their appreciation in foreign culture and traditions. In doing so, it should become a journey and an adventure for both parties, and provide a solid foundation for the student to have a desire to continue exploring this foreign language on their own in the future.

Meliha M Wong German (general) Tutor (Kingston upon Thames)

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Hello there! I am a fully qualified German and English language teacher and have worked as a German and English language private tutor for over ten years.

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