Learning A Foreign Language Is Always Possible

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Last updated: 03/09/2017
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When you approach a new language for the first time you seem to hear "just-a-long-endless-word". You are not able to distinguish the opening and ending of words; the short and long pauses. You are listening to uttered sounds articulated at random. When I first arrived in Germany I could barely say my name and my age, I felt completely uncomfortable.

There was a "lever", so I called it in, that could not spring. The key to reduce that long - endless word was to live in different contexts. I had a revelation: change jobs every 2-3 months. I worked as a cashier in a supermarket, as a traffic warden, as a waitress in a restaurant, in libraries and language schools. My lexicon upgraded day by day and I felt more confident in myself and in my relationships. 

Learning a foreign language is always possible. With the help of the teachers it is possible to build a tailor-made lesson plan regardless of age or experience, of needs or pleasure.

Manuela Cappellari Italian (general) Tutor (South West London)

About The Author

I am a qualified Italian teacher with more than 15 s experience. I offer online tuition in Italian at any level, to adults and children, one- to-one via Skype. My lessons are tailor-made according to the student's needs.

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