Learning A Foreign Language Is Always Possible

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Last updated: 04/09/2017
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When you approach a new language for the first time you seem to hear "just-a-long-endless-word". You are not able to distinguish the opening and ending of words; the short and long pauses. You are listening to uttered sounds articulated at random. When I first arrived in Germany I could barely say my name and my age, I felt completely uncomfortable.

There was a "lever", so I called it in, that could not spring. The key to reduce that long - endless word was to live in different contexts. I had a revelation: change jobs every 2-3 months. I worked as a cashier in a supermarket, as a traffic warden, as a waitress in a restaurant, in libraries and language schools. My lexicon upgraded day by day and I felt more confident in myself and in my relationships. 

Learning a foreign language is always possible. With the help of the teachers it is possible to build a tailor-made lesson plan regardless of age or experience, of needs or pleasure.

Manuela Cappellari Italian (general) Tutor (South West London)

About The Author

Qualified italian teacher with more than 15 years study and work experience.
I offer tuition in Italian at any level (beginners-intermediate-advanced). My lessons are fun, stimulating and tailor-made according to the student’s needs.

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