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The second part of the speaking test is the most daunting for most IELTS candidates, but is actually the easiest to prepare for as you have the greatest amount of control over what you actually say. The greatest skill that candidates need to acquire is the ability to think ahead so that they have language locked and loaded and ready to say just before they finish speaking about whatever they are currently speaking about.

It should be noted that the four prompts in the question are merely suggestions, and candidates do not have to discuss these although it is frequently easier if they do. As long as the candidate is speaking about the general topic, no deduction to the bandscore can be made by the examiner.

As a fluency activity, I suggest that candidates choose an IELTS topic at random and then think of 5 or 6 nouns that connect with that topic i.e. if the topic is traffic, the candidate could think of car, congestion, tyre etc. Then without any preparation or note taking, the candidate speaks for 1 minute about one noun at a time. As prompts, the question words of who, where, when, why, how and what can be covered. Once the candidate can comfortably speak for one minute, the time should be increased to 2 minutes.

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