Why everyone should sing

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Last updated: 03/12/2017
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 We were all born with our own unique, personal and authentic musical instrument within our human body.

Music is found in all human cultures around the world and considering that the oldest bone flute is 40,000 years old we can expect that singing has been around at list this long (we could go and look into birds singing, but I'll save this subject for the next article!). Since the very beginning of humanity singing has been used as a powerful and yet effective way to communicate, socialise, bring relief and react to emotions such as fear, happiness or loss.

According to the latest scientific researches singing is considered to:

- Improve the condition of our immune system
- Increase our self confidence and build up our determination to succeed
- Improve our digestive system
- Slow down the ageing process of our brain cells and improve our memory
- Decrease the level of stress
- Rebalance the level of energy
- Be effective in pain relief, probably due to the release of neurochemicals such as b-endorphin.

The list of the benefits that singing or simply getting connected to our vocal instrument brings into our lives is endless. More specifically, singing in a choir can be a real bliss. Take a look at what theconversation.com says about choral singing here:


We all have a healing gift, it's free and it comes with us wherever we go. Isn't it amazing? Not convinced yet?

Take a look at this: https://www.gramophone.co.uk/features/focus/the-health-benefits-of-singing

Nina Vocal Coach Jazz/ Pop Singing Teacher (South West London)

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I am a voice artist and West End performer with over 10 years experience as a coach. I can help you make the most of your vocal instrument, building up confidence and technique and express your authenticity.

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