Books on Technique for Trumpet

As a teacher I think its really important both to educate my pupils with the proper technique on the trumpet while at the same time helping them to enjoy playing the instrument. 

Technical drills and daily routines are a very important part on the trumpet to build up endurance, range, sound, flexibility and technique but I think it's very important to also play though songs and constantly learn new tunes and to play them as expressively as possible as if you were performing in front of hundreds of people in a concert. 

There are many different books on technique for the trumpet.

The ones I have found most rewarding and practice from are:

- The Louis Maggio System for Brass

- Herbert L Clark - Technical studies for the Cornet

- Advance Lip Flexibility's vol 1,2 and 3

- Max Schlossberg - Daily drills and technical studies for trumpet

All of these books are great and can benefit any trumpeter young or old in my opinion.

My theory is the more you enjoy playing the trumpet the more you will practise, and as long as you are given the correct instruction in what to practise you will get better and better.

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