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Subject: Maths » Key Stage 3 Maths
Last updated: 09/12/2016
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Essential Maths by David Rayner and Michael White (Elmwood Press)

In over thirty years of teaching Maths, the KS3 text I keep coming back to is ‘Essential Maths’. The texts have been updated in recent years, in both content and layout and the introduction of coloured pages has improved the appearance no end. The availability of three different books for each year group, gives a wide range of materials at the correct level for all abilities. Topics are clearly set out and there are plenty of questions to enable the student to become confident with the topics.

As students work through the exercises the questions get steadily harder. Having 'core' and 'extension' exercises for most topics means that the student can work at a level they feel confident with. Every couple of sections the student is able to use a 'check yourself' section, with answers provided at the back - a great way of becoming more responsible for their own learning. 

There are plenty of opportunities for investigational work, allowing the students to experience looking into areas of Maths not covered in the everyday curriculum and a great way for them to gain confidence. There are plenty of review questions, allowing a student to put into practice their new found knowledge by applying it in unfamiliar situations - a good test of whether a student really understands a topic.

Mental arithmetic questions gives the opportunity to brush up on listening skills and incorporates a wide range of topics. If the classroom text doesn't give a large enough selection of questions, there is also the 'homework' text book which matches up to the main text - really helpful if you want to set a homework based on the content of the days lesson, but avoids the problem of students finishing the lesson at different places.

Finally you can find online assessments, giving you ready made tests as well as the answers.

Dianne van Beek GCSE Maths Tutor (Portsmouth)

About The Author

I am a qualified Maths teacher with over 30 years experience, teaching across all levels and abilities, for students aged 11 to 18. Passionate about teaching Maths, I value the success that comes from students having confidence in themselves.

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