Breathe, Take A Beat

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Subject: LAMDA/ RADA Exams
Last updated: 07/04/2018
Tags: building confidence, lamda

When parents contact me to enquire about tuition, a common concern is that their child struggles with reading aloud in class, they stumble over words and lose their confidence. This is such a common problem which, on the whole, can be is easily remedied by simply learning to take a breath and take a beat. 

Students are often eager to read as quickly as possible, just to get to the end of the paragraph, but they struggle to communicate the meaning or story of the text. By learning to breathe and take a beat, I believe you can change a student's focus from getting through the text, to focusing on clear communication. Once these basics have been learnt, the sky is the limit!

Many of my students do not study Drama or Theatre Studies academically, but they enjoy the supplementary lessons to aid them with many aspects of their school life. They gain important life skills as they learn the value of critical feedback, both positive and constructive and the ability to take direction and think creatively. 

Play is an extremely important part of drama lessons, using improvisation techniques and encouraging practice and mistakes is a great way to learn. Beginning each session with a good vocal and physical warm-up allows students to shake off whatever is clouding their mind, focus on thinking creatively and use their imagination with a grounding in the text.

LAMDA examinations are a great marker of progress and with the variety of courses on offer then there is a path to suit all students, whether it be public speaking, acting or devising drama.  By following the LAMDA syllabus, students learn the importance of vocal modulation, gesture and connection with a text or character.

Helping a student discover their own voice is extremely rewarding and it is often noticed at home and in the classroom, with teachers and parents commenting on a student's renewed sense of enthusiasm and confidence.

Bethan Story LAMDA/ RADA Exams Tutor (North London)

About The Author

I'm an experienced teacher and acting coach, specialising in voice and performance. I aim to motivate students and make lessons as enjoyable as possible, improving confidence and creativity.

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