The Greatness In You

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Last updated: 04/07/2018
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Have you ever asked yourself questions that have to do with your innate abilities and strength? A lot of us focus more on the things we cannot do but on what others can do without knowing that we can be more creative than even them a times. The big question is, "If someone can do what we think they have done, why can't we do similar things or even better?" Whether you think you can do all things or not, we are here to unveil your undaunted potentials that you have undermined for a long time. Please, you have to stop dwelling in the past on things you cannot do and start moving forward.

What are your plans and goals you have planned to achieve before the year runs out? Even if you are not looking forward to yearly or timely goals, put something down as opposed to memorising them in your head. "A started journey is half completed" they say, but an undocumented plan is like a city without a wall. Stand up from your burrow and make a U-turn! Do not look down on yourself and know that you can be the solution the world is looking for. If you cannot write your plans, get someone to do it for you and run with your visions.

Abraham Lincoln, one of the founders and key leaders of America never played with documenting ideas. Little wonder, his leadership was so inspiring and rewarding that he was asked to rule again after his first presidency. Learn to write down what you want to do. Prioritise your goals into: Long term goals, Short term goals and daily goals.

Everyone who wants to maximise or make the best use of his/her talents should keep company with people who have similar ambitions. The saying that "Like begets like" is true. If you want to stay ahead of the crowd, move away from the crowd to increase your visibility. In my book, "Greatness Without Tears", I said, "If you want to be great, get close to great people." It is unanimously said that "chickens do not fly at the heights the eagles do." As the eagles are stronger of all birds and can fly higher than the chickens, so you need to move higher. Move away from those friends that talk you down and unleash your potentials. It does not matter how little you think or how uneducated you are; what matters is how you think and what mind-set you have. Have the "I can do it" mentality and shake off every inability around you because you are flying with eagle wings now.

It is of no doubt that people who say little things get little result. Learn to talk big because every great person like you should talk great things to have enormous results. Stop belittling yourself and speak positive words that will transform you­­. Your words are as important as your life. They can mar you or transform you. Never speak how you feel but learn to speak what kind of great result you want, and with time, it will produce phenomenal outcome. You need to stop postponing things and start doing them. Rise up and conquer your fears because they are not real.

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