Chinese: The Very Much Possible Language

Many people are discouraged from learning Mandarin Chinese as they feel it would be an 'impossible task.' "Languages are hard enough; I'll just stick to French / Spanish etc." I have had so many great experiences instilling a passion for the subject in students who hadn't consider themselves linguists at all - the fact that it is so different from other languages means it can be such an exciting project for a range of learners.

If your son / daughter has any interest in China, or in learning Mandarin Chinese, I urge you to support it. It will open a world of opportunities for them in the future, and may just be the best decision you ever make.

Henry Pelham A-level Chinese Tutor (South West London)

About The Author

I graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Chinese with Japanese. I then taught Chinese and French full-time at a secondary school in London for 18 months. Since then, I have been tutoring full-time.

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