Teaching Little Children Mandarin

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Subject: Chinese » Mandarin
Last updated: 02/05/2017
Tags: children learning languages, efficient way to learn mandarin chinese, foreign language learning

I have come across many parents asking me how to teach little kids Mandarin by themselves. Especially parents who are Mandarin native speakers still have this issue. Unlike your mother tongue, it's not easy to pick up a second language just by immersing yourself in the environment. We need to encourage kids to explore more knowledge.

First, tutors should have things kids are familiar with around them. Everything in the house can be teaching aids. In this way, they understand that their learning is practical and can be used in authentic situations rather than just from textbooks. For example, when tutors teach the date and time in Mandarin, they could ask parents to give them some snack packages. This way kids can practice with real items.

Secondly, tutors should give appropriate encouragement. This will build up the kid's confidence and interest in learning the foreign languages.

Finally, tutors should create conversations when kids are playing games, doing crafts or drawing. This will enable kids to be willing to speak up. For example, the tutor can hold up the materials and tools when doing the craft. The child will then have to request certain stuff from the tutor in Mandarin. 

These are some tricks that a tutor of languages can use to get their pupils interested in learning languages.

Rita Chen Mandarin Tutor (Enfield)

About The Author

I am Rita, a Mandarin native speaker from Taiwan. I loving stimulating students to speak and write Mandarin through crafting, game with toys and colouring in. to ensure they learn Mandarin with joy.

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