The Benefits To Learning Music Technology

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Last updated: 06/03/2017
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I think that music is so diverse and complex that it can be enjoyed by all types of people, whether that is learning about the genius of Bach, or learning how to make a piece of electronic music using the latest music production software.

I believe in having a well-rounded knowledge of music, as I think pupils should get to enjoy every attribute of the subject. The idea of learning about music harmony may not sound very interesting at first, but when you compare the works of Mozart, Debussy and Bill Evans then you can really appreciate how these composers pushed the boundaries of music during their respective times. Similarly, the idea of practising jazz chord progressions in all 12 keys doesn't sound very appealing, however it will make a huge difference in your playing if you practise correctly.

Learning about subjects such as sound synthesis, audio engineering and acoustics also gives you a useful insight into how to compose and produce electronic music.

Joe Skinner Classical Piano Teacher (Watford)

About The Author

I'm an enthusiastic teacher who loves to help people learn about the world of music.

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