Encouraging Students to be themselves.

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Last updated: 16/05/2018
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My research is, "Was I taught that and did I listen?"

Teachers have personalities. Students have personalities. Knowing how the Student prefers to learn, retains Student motivation.

My subject is Music, yet all Teachers benefit from understanding personality. A Parent said - just yesterday - "You teach my child as they are, not as you are. Few Teachers do that". There are many ways to get to know our Students: DISC, OCEANS and the Big 5 are popular. They are all slight variants on Jung. Basically, we are all Neurological Soup and the causes of certain things bubbling to the surface differs for each of us.

Jung uses dichotomies of Introvert/Extrovert (I/E), iNtuitive/Sensing (N/S), Feeling/Thinking (F/T), Judging/Perceiving (J/P): these preferences are affected by - what some call - a spectrum of Neurosis, but is more kindly termed Assertive versus Turbulent outlook. Turbulent types are more reactive and this could be seen as Neurotic. "Turbulents" are keenly responsive of small changes and I think that awesome.

While the four main personality preferences are signified in capitalised lettering INFJ, for instance, the Assertive versus Turbulent affect is signified in lower case: thus INFJ(a) or INFJ(t).

These preferences are just preferences and they alter depending on Social Context, Attachment and significantly Stress. Within the context of a socially accepting, friendly, stress-free Teaching Environment, the Student can be themselves.

For the reasons of confidentially I don't use Student's names. I have constructed a story which reassures my Students. The story follows.

A Student knows that they are an INFJ(t), but doesn't want to be "Pigeon Holed". I am an individual, she says. "You are an INFJ(t)", I say, but more importantly, "You are an F.I.O.N.A". "You have the letters in the wrong order and what does the "O" mean?" she asks. "You are Fiona".

My research - "Was I taught that and did I listen" - addresses personality conflict in the Student/Teacher relationship. Students have preferences, but they are themselves, more importantly. 

Robin Thornton Music Tutor Musicianship Teacher (Aberdeen)

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Robin Thornton MMus, BMus (Hons.), ATCL (Dip.) teaches Singing, Guitar, Piano, Bass Guitar Drums and Music Theory. Music Tuition - either in the studio or online.

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