Stage Fright and Music Making

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Last updated: 17/02/2017
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Prepare for a performance!

The time has come! You have practised your score, you polished your shoes, you are so happy to perform!! But something is wrong? We all can recognise stage fright! The feeling of frozen hands, of trembling feet and dry mouth. Can we live without it? Even the greatest performers admitted that they never got over their stage fright. But how do they hide it? Well they don't! It is just a matter of practice, but the practice of psychology. Here are some tips:

  • Every breath is a performance. When you practise try imagining that you perform in front of a panel or an audience. What scares you more? Bring it on and play for them.
  • Be aware of your faults. The worst comment to a musician is to congratulate him/her for not playing any wrong notes. Music is a way of expression and not a robotic science. If you use it to express your inner feelings, thoughts and experiences then focus on that. Practice in the best way possible, as hard as possible but be aware that some things may go wrong. Familiarize yourself with this idea and just enjoy your music making. The audience will not remember the 2 notes you maybe missed but they will remember that your music never touched them. Just do not overdo it with the wrong notes.
  • Try to focus on a goal each time. Do not try suddenly to sound like a professional or someone else. Personality is what brings success to famous players. Play like you want to hear the music and your teacher will always help you expressing yourself.
  • Step your stage. Try to focus on each corner of the stage. Step slowly on it and say a word to yourself: "here" . Hold on there for a while. Watch the hall from this angle. Play something there and check how it sounds from this perspective.Go on and cover the whole stage if possible.

When you walk on stage, you should always be myself. Embrace all your qualities, good or bad and let them be. Do not try too much, just show your inner beauty. You do not need to do more. 




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