Musical Education In A Child's Life

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Subject: Oboe
Last updated: 10/11/2016
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Musical education is for children an important formation and balancing factor of their nervous system, because every movement adapted to different rhythms are the result of a joint complex of coordinated activities. In addition, in studies many investigators, such as J. P. Despins, reflect how the musical education provides a development in both cerebral hemispheres. For this reason, they advised the integration of music in basic educational programs. In this way, music is a discipline, and will increase the brain capacities:

  • Left Hemisphere: rhythmical perception, motive control, governs mechanisms of musical execution, the singing, technical musical aspects, logic and reasoning, linear perception.
  • Right Hemisphere: perception and musical execution, artistic creativity and fantasy, capturing of sung intonation, visual and auditory perception, melodic perception, musical expression and musical appraisal.      

Musical execution, on having developed the possibilities of our circuits neuromusculares, allows not to cultivate only the nervous system, but also to work our general development and attention.

In conclusion, musical education stimulates all the powers of the human being: abstraction, logical and mathematical reasoning, imagination, memory, order, creativity, communication and development of the senses, between others.

On the other hand, with the passage of time, more importance has been discovered in the education of the child the psychomotor activity. That is to say, the existing relation between the neuromotrices functions of the organism and its psychic functions. One tries to return to the body its real value in the integral development of the person, taking every corporal action that it itself realises as the source of knowledge and learning, something with is neglected in previous epochs. Music and movement are connected, arising simultaneously from the need for expression.

Marta Perales Mora Oboe Teacher (South West London)

About The Author

I am a professional oboist currently based in London where I’m studying a Master at Royal College of Music.
A highly-motivated with experience in music education. I am responsible, polite, patient, fun, hard-working and I enjoy working with kids.

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