The Reasons Why My Students Learn Portuguese

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Subject: Portuguese
Last updated: 05/10/2017
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When new students start learning Portuguese I ask them why they want to learn the language. The main reason is because they have a Brazilian partner. They go to Brazil to visit the partner's family and have a hard time if they do not know a bit of Portuguese, as the majority of Brazilians only speaks Portuguese. Brazilians are very talkative and friendly. They will make any foreigner feel at home, so it is extremely frustrating when one cannot communicate with such pleasant people.

Some study the language because of business necessity. Some Brazilians speak English in the business world but learning Portuguese gives business people the opportunity not only to engage in conversations in the office but also to understand the culture, which facilitates business approaches.

Others are keen to learn because they love to spend their holidays in Brazil. Being the country so big with such rich diversity and culture, there are endless choices of places to visit and things to do. Tourists realise they are better off learning the language to take full advantage of their stay when visiting places that some knowledge of the language is required to get around more easily.

Quite a few need some language skills because they go to Brazil to stay there for a while either to study or work. Some educational bodies and companies require a certain level of proficiency of the language to grant the student/worker the opportunity to study or work in another country and in the case of Brazil, Portuguese is necessary.

And when one thinks that one has seen everything, what a surprise to know the reason of this particular student: he spent two weeks with the indigenous inhabitants in the middle of nowhere in the Amazon region. There was a guide translating everything into English, but he loved the experience so much that he wants to learn the language to be able to talk to them in Portuguese!

Solange Negrello Portuguese Tutor (West London)

About The Author

I am a qualified Brazilian teacher. In 2009 I started teaching Portuguese as a foreign language and since then I have dedicated myself to obtaining the best possible results for my students in the teaching-learning process.

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