Embracing the Light

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Subject: Reiki
Last updated: 03/08/2016
Tags: healing, health, mindfulness, reiki, spirituality

Reiki is a form of hands-on healing. It literally means 'ki' (chi/ prana/ life force) channelled from the cosmos (Rei= divine being) through the healer. Each of us that practise Reiki become a channel of light, creating a connection between that which is invisible and immaterial, and that which exists here on this physical plane. The energy experienced can be subtle, nourishing and calming, but it can also create seismic shifts in the consciousness of the receiver, which then ripples out into their life. Every spiritual discipline seems to come back to the same basic principles: purify yourself through meditiation, self-discipline and compassion; bring yourself back into balance; and allow yourself to be guided by your higher self. In these ways, the flow of Reiki energy through you becomes stronger and more powerful in its effects.

The Usui Reiki attunements are given at three different levels by the Reiki Master, and then practised through group shares, self-healing and eventually one-to-one sessions. Each level of attunement opens the student to a more profound spiritual connection and a more synchronistic spiritual experience of life; the intuition grows stronger, and pyschic skills can open up and flourish. The most beautiful of all the gifts that Reiki brings, is the direct experience of Divine Love, as it flows through you: when you are filled with light, time stands still and you step into infinity. This is true healing for the Soul.

I would encourage you to experience Reiki healing if you have not done so before, particularly if you are feeling that there is something that needs to shift in your life. From there, you may then like to step into the level 1 Reiki training, which may be the most significant step you could take on your spiritual journey!

Claire Lilla A-level English Tutor (Twickenham)

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