A Funny Fable: The Smiling Organism Story

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Last updated: 22/07/2017
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Once upon a time there was a plastic table in the middle of my room. Then the dog jumped on it and started barking. It barked because it was happy to be on that table. Then 4 people came and asked the dog to jump off the table. The dog didn't move. They started shouting at the dog. The dog didn't move. Then one of those 4 people grabbed the dog and pushed the dog off the table. The dog bit that person and that person ran to the doctor.

The other 3 started laughing very hard. The dog asked them "Why are you guys laughing?". They answered: "We are not guys, we are the Smiling Organism, which consists of 4 elements. Each of us is an element. When we are one thing all together we don't laugh, but when something happens to one of us separately we start smiling or laughing depending on the situation. Any irritation to either of us makes us laugh or at least smile. We are like this because we are the Smiling Organism.

We also have to try to make others smile when we smile. That element who ran to the doctor ran there not because he is ill - elements of the Smiling Organism don't get sick - but because he thought he could make the doctor smile. So the dog bite made us smile and hopefully it will make the doctor smile if our 4th element does well. The only reason we contact people or animals is because we want to make them and us smile. Even if we get bitten, we don't bite. Do you understand, dog? Why are you not smiling?".

The dog answered: "I don't believe you, Smiling Organism! You are all liars! I don't want to be around you. Bye!" Then the dog jumped off the table and left. The Smiling Organism continued smiling, because it thought that it was funny that the dog left a bit angry. The dog was smiling at home thinking how funny it was that the Smiling Organism laughed about the fact that the dog was angry. The dog obviously had a different sense of humor then the Smiling Organism but it all worked out in the end.

The 4th element never came back, though. The investigation continues...

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